Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Sky the limit(ed)

The weekend saw me take part in my first
'open studio' exhibition, over a 100 people
popped into my studio, looked around, asked
questions.. it was a great success & I really
enjoyed meeting & talking to new people.

The future is bright..

Not so bright is my new internet 'connection'

For the time being, it looks as though I will
be 'internetless' - I can access randomly from
time to time.. providing it doesn't rain..
or a car drives by the house...

I shall therefore be even less active both here
and in other internet related activities...

.. I will..

at some stage.. back..



  1. I am so happy for your much deserved open studio success.

    more more more..
    the future is so bright.

  2. that's great. not the internet thing of course. rock on rockstar, i smile on you.

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