Thursday, 26 November 2009

Ohm Sweet Ohm

It gathers around the edges, then falls all around me..
Super Jesus fucking Christ!
Vasari's beard and his staring eyes blinding me with the
knowledge that Raphael fucked himself to death!!!

NO!! he really did!! in between frescos!!

Paint paint.. fuck.. paint paint.. fuck fuck DEATH!!!

Vasari had a great beard, and I like Kraftwerk..


(ever wondered why people don't take me or this wank serious?)


  1. oh my lord. you just made me laugh.

  2. this is why it is advisable not to log into your blog whilst blasting kraftwerk, watching a documentary on vasari and out of your fucking mind on wine...

    oh.. my poor head...

    ..well, at least it gave you a laugh!

  3. Hah! I always thought it was the lack of drunkenness that keeps me from attaining Artistdom, but perhaps it's all about some alchemical formula of fucking and painting.
    If drunk makes you blog, keep it up!

  4. It made me laugh too. I loved the Kraftwerk. I haven't heard them in years. Hope it was a nice wine.