Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2009? sorry, something went wrong.

Where do you want the year to end?
4am in a carpark, Christmas day...?

I've been working the graveyard shift
throughout the festive season..

Perhaps not feeling as merry as the gentleman
receiving aural delight from his attractive slut
knelt down on the piss stained concrete floor of
the synagogue carpark.. she was too busy to offer
any civility and probably thought it rude to address
me with her mouth full..
the gentleman however took great delight in turning
slowly his arched body, throwing back his head and
with a mouth full of broken & discoloured teeth uttering
the words "chaos reigns"

What a complete cunt, doesn't he know this will upset
my concentration? I've got paperclips to count you fuck.

This is how my year draws to a close, another Woody Allen
moment of bleakness on some desperate black and white train
whilst the rest of the world fucks itself in glorious
twating technicolour...

I would recount the year in a more civilised and constructive
way, but as well you know me, I can't be fucked.


  1. well, fuck.

    i love you factory. i love you and your lovely senorita.

  2. well, fuck!! fuck you all!!!

    i so bloody love you all!!!

    more than you can ever imagine.

    and an especially a big fuck to made
    for finally finding me here..
    (hello my dear lover)

    the no swearing resolution is
    going especially fucking well..

  3. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  4. a lot more creativity?
    or a lot more sweary?!!

    thankyou ;)

  5. I think something is on it's way to make love to your mailbox. Soon.

  6. even now, when i don't know you, i'm afraid of loosing you

  7. I'm sleeping under my mailbox..

    I say sleeping...
    ..looking longingly..
    waiting.. waiting..

    I often get lost,
    don't be afraid, it's
    no great loss..

  8. swear words in swedish:


    o, yes it is. it's a great loss

  9. not surprisingly i am immediately attracted to fitta..
    what can i say?
    (that babelfish will not translate?)

    what i do know 'mad-e'...
    ..i will follow you to helvete and back..