Wednesday, 16 September 2009

inside the factory

Many thanks to all you well wishers from my
previous post, thankyou all for your comments
and words of advice, which i will endevour to
take & 'be kind to myself'

I apologise for my lack of comments or posts
(and for my departure from the blip land)
but time has become a rare commodity for me
and i am stretching myself to the limit..

..already this week i have managed to get to
the studio twice after finishing work at 10pm
and have spent the full day today (& evening)
i plan to spend tomorrow there also...
giving myself no time before i start back at
work on friday morning..

who needs sleep and rest and all that stuff?!!

i appreciate the sentiments re selling a painting
a month (megan & debs) maybe i was being a little
over ambitious there.. seeing as nobody actually
knows where my studio is yet!!

everything in it's own good time then..

and about the 'debt' situation... i have never felt
as free in my entire life..
i can only advise that you never own a credit card
or take out any loans.. ever..
if you have any.. pay them off...
if you can't.. seek legal advice..
i actually took one of the 'main banks' to court..
..and won.
they do think themselves above the law.
(and they most cetainly are not)
they will cripple you at any cost.
they do not have any moral standing.

anyway.. enough of that.

thankyou all again for you good wishes

here is a quick snapshot pic of the studio;


  1. I think this is one of my favorite of your blog posts. You are free, your tone is hopeful, you are giving us solid advice. It is wonderful.

    You deserve it all.
    Thank you.

  2. Well done with the banks! I shall be eagerly following your progress here. I had a look at your paintings yesterday and I'm loving them as much as I love your photos.

  3. I'm in the same boat with the banks mate - I just treat them with the utter contempt they treat me - we have mutual contempt - it works well. Studio looks ace. The Victorian Adventurer will be famous me thinks :-)

  4. Nice update - a glimpse into your new world :)

  5. long live factory! what a horrible experience. your wall and window are gorgeous, there's nothing like your patent 'at work' shots.

    p.s. working at a bank made me psychotic.