Monday, 7 September 2009

The games we play.

I finished nights this morning & am currently filling boxes & making lists (purchased a kettle.. very important)
later today I move the first of my stuff into my new studio.

I have made the decision to rent a professional
studio with various other artists (& apparently
a death metal band, who live in the studio directly
next to mine.. note to self; don't forget Ipod)

This may be a short lived venture..
I have no idea what to expect.

I work long hours & varied shifts, but I get odd
days off in between, these days will now be spent
in the studio in an attempt to re-adjust the balance.

I have exhibited my work in many galleries & even
managed to sell some work.. here and there... so...

'The Plan'

Obviously the professional studio doesn't come free
(or cheap) - to make this a viable venture I have a
set goal; at least one painting per month must be sold
to continue into the next month..

I don't see how otherwise to justify the need to
pay rent for a studio if I am unable to sell any work.

We shall see how I do.

This is a no risk situation from a 'money' view point,
having now paid everything I owe and being, for the
first time in 8yrs, completely debt free.

A good feeling, euphoric even.

I owe nothing; note to banks "go fuck yourself and bleed
to death in the hell of your own making"
seriously, if you do work for any kind of financial institution,
please kill yourself now.

So, this is the time to try and 'make something'
of myself other than being able to count paperclips
and fill in spreadsheets.

The games we play..

wish me luck.


  1. Good luck!!!

    Selling one painting a month is high bar to set. Please don't push yourself too hard, too fast. Like I have said, it will take time to get used to your new surroundings, to feel comfortable painting there. A goal is good but just be reasonable. You are now free- don't lock yourself up again with unrealistic expectations.

    That said, I can't wait to see the amazing paintings that will come from your hours spent in your new studio. This is a very exciting and inspiring time!!

    Keep playing the game.

  2. Wishing you luck, congratulations on your new studio, and most of all be kind to yourself( which of course is much easier to say than do :) )

    And like Megan exited to see your new creations.

    Oh yeah and cheers on being debt free now that is a damn good feeling!!!

  3. I will be debt free in a gazillion and a half years so I feel your jubilation mate. I will bring the guns you bring the bombs, let's burn the Halifax to the GROUND :-)

  4. Echoed sentiments from this corner of the world.

    I wish you luck. And art! Patience, inspiration, grace, energy and gratitude.

    I'm glad you've decided to keep at it. You're an inspiration.

  5. inspired as many of your photos have been i've missed factory paintings. i hope your space will lend itself to new freedoms of work and imagination. as always, your commitment is astonishing. peace and sustenance for the journey.

  6. Hiya FS
    I've missed you and I'm sorry for being absent from your pages recently.

    I am really pleased for you that you have found a new place to paint. I am sure the novelty will get all your creativity fired up and we'll see some great stuff soon.
    I concur about the goal, as Megan pointed will produce some fab work, but don't bank on selling one a month. However, some art friends of mine say the market is picking up, and with *shush* xmas around the corner, you may have some success. I wish you luck and send you sincere good vibes your way. Have you thought of working on small, very saleable pieces? There is always a market for smaller work...

    I too have been debt free for nearly 3 years and its been fabulous - its a great feeling. I will tell you that I've never owed a thing since and its the best way to live. I've been very sensible and kept it that way, and even now in a recession I am better off than I ever have been.

    I wish you all the best.
    I'll pop back more often :))

    PS I'm working on a smaller version of the Orange Field - its been a popular painting, but no-one wants to fork out for the big one!!

  7. Good luck with the new venture. I found your blog through Dogenzenji's link and will follow your progress here. I am envious of the debt free status and would like to volunteer to join the bank burning group ;-)