Friday, 25 September 2009

Comparatively fucked;

..or Rembrandt's sleeve..

Turner, it would appear, arrogant and talented
bastard he was, also worked in the shadow of the

A new exhibition; on now I believe..

at the Tate (Britain) in London town.

Ok, so, read the reviews, which will be more
articulate and less sweary than this, but will
probably at some point contain some of the same
words found here, albeit, more artistically arranged.
Go figure.

Anyway, Turner, the megalomaniac showman,
was in my books, pure genius, especially
when he went all 'Hemingway' in his final
years and produced some of the most wondrous
abstract paintings techniques..

This was going somewhere at some point..

Just read this bloody brilliant piece by Adrian Searle

Having recently returned from a trip to
Amsterdam, where I stood utterly transfixed
in the Rijksmuseum at a particular painting I
wanted to see 'in the flesh'

It doesn't get better than that,
seriously, you have not actually
lived until you have stood in front
of this painting...

nothing else matters..

I actually realise that now.

So, there you go, my beautifully poetically
analysis of painting; Rembrandt is even more
of a talented fucker that Turner.

You knew that didn't you?

Go figure.


  1. Know what you mean - I was caught by Dali's Millet thing - the Angelus. Had to be dragged away. Bastard.

  2. Never was a fan of the Dali, blame the over-exposure and 'every student in the world having a dali poster on there wall' but after visiting Barcelona and taking time to visit a museum dedicated to him, I found myself falling for the guy... and he really could paint; which with all the surrounding showmanship and bravado.. tends to get overlooked..

  3. You make me want to see the Dali Museum. When I visited Barcelona we didn't go there as it was really busy. I love the Miro Museum though and happily queued for that.

    Really enjoy the Guardian article about Turner.

  4. Oh I so enjoyed this post!
    Thanks for all the links.

    The Turner exhibition sounds fascinating; to see his work next to all he revered and sought to put in it's place.

    And that Rembrandt! Wow- I can only imagine what that felt like to stand so close the rich browns and reds, the richness and texture.