Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Return of the lazy bastard

yeah, i am guilty of absconding my duties here,
a number of reasons, 1-4 as follows..

1. receiving rejection of work.
2. lack of motivation to carry on working.
3. receiving invitation to exhibition at gallery
that rejected my work from inclusion. (cheers)
4. trying to keep self occupied by playing with
a camera instead and avoid painting..

well, that and being a lazy bastard, i haven't even
managed to get up to the studio at all this year so
far, still need to collect my painting (and a package??)

not having transport also contributes to this factor,
well, a motorcycle isn't ideal for collecting anything
bigger than a cd.

so.. trying to get back into the painting..
that and starting the night shift tonight..

no standing in fields in the early hours for me


  1. Ha! Well, at least you blogged.

    I too hate getting the invites after the fact(rejection) or the list with the people who got in or the issue of the magazine I always apply to(and get rejected from) available at a reduced rate-
    Thanks but No.

    In another week or two I will surely be getting that kiss off letter- I just know it..(I must not think bad thoughts)

    Keeping yourself occupied with your camera is a wonderful thing- your talent never ceases to amaze...

    You handled it well.

  2. The photo (February 17) is stunning. You worked some magic with the light and reflections.

    And I sent you a package! You'd better draw your wife a bath. (Beautiful photos of her and the window latches too).

  3. Art is art...photo or painting...and your talent is abound. x

  4. PS Sending creative vibes your way into your studio - look forward to the results...

  5. All: Never mind humouring him. He's a lazy, drunken fuk who needs a right good kick up the arse.
    JJ: If you still wish to retain the title of best mate you'll have to get a grip...drunken bum...rant mumble mumble...

  6. Just seen The Land In Silence Stands and the blues, if photograpically true, are as amazing as your reds. I'll be having another off you at this rate. I need more wall space.

  7. A weeks wait gets a plaintive cry from this corner of the world.
    If you're going to feel so Rejected every time you are rejected, don't you think you should invest in whatever is the emotional equivalent of a crash helmet?
    Oh wait, that's your blog and your friends and your fans and the people who love you.
    Hooray for you!!!
    Make more art.
    At the very least, kindly send some postcards of your art to the return address of Lady Wrenna for distribution across the Americas.

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  9. Don't let the Sunday Gap get away with being a bully! Can't turn my back on her for a minute.

    I do not function well under pressure. My work becomes heartbreaking, I begin to lose my will to live and then my back literally gives out. It's pathetic. In fact, I'm being pathetic right now. Cheers.