Thursday, 5 February 2009

standard stock rejection (ii)

first one this year.. i'm sure more are on there way.

each time you think your moving in the right direction
something comes along to make you doubt yourself.

i am currently thinking alot about what i do and why i
do it..

i haven't come to any successful conclusions about anything
so far..


  1. You already know that I am sorry for your most recent rejection.
    They always seem suck away at any energy or hope that we as artists have somehow amassed.

    One will be on my doorstep soon most likely as well.

    By the way (and not to down play it at all) but "you are always thinking a lot about what you do and why you do it- and you never come to any conclusions..."

    and that is the way of the artist.
    try to shake it.. just try. And if you do, tell me the secret.


  2. well, you are, as you always are, correct..

    i never do come to any conclusions..

    and to be honest, i most likely never will..

    that is probably my point, that there is no point.

    i always throw my toys out of the pram, but i always pick them up again and carry on.. and on..

    i hope that good news lands on your doorstep.

  3. I am saving my pennies... I love to see the world through the eyes of Megan and the Factory Supervisor, who make me feel very wealthy for the imparting of their confusions.

  4. I know this is the Supervisor's blog but Wrenna you make me feel very wealthy and maybe even reasonable in my confusions. thank you.

  5. Rejection is hard, but who knows what you escaped - they may have been assholes - and who knows whats around the corner that is better!

    Keep doing what you do because you love it - thats all the universe requires of you :))

  6. I am prone to throwing minor tantrums when I receive the 'thanks but no thanks..'
    but yeah.. onwards and upwards..

    you all make me feel very wealthy, for that I am forever in your debt.

  7. Hey Supervisor how about repaying your debt by posting a new blog...

    I might throw a "minor tantrum" if you don't...