Thursday, 11 December 2008

I want to fuck everyone in the world.

(I want to do something, that matters)

Just another one, one of many; ownership of
beauty may not be a feasible possibility, but at
what cost do we value beauty?

I price it above all else; beauty is the only thing
we have left.

We should do everything in our power not to lose it.

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.

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  1. "Tracey Emin, Lucien Freud, Damien Hirst and David Hockney are among the artists campaigning to keep the works in the UK..." I hope these arti$t are not only campaigning but willing to pay to keep the paintings in the UK. Certainly, Damien Hirst can afford to put his money where his mouth is. What additional power he would have, if he saved these works from a private buyer. These important works must be kept on display so that they may radiate out and envelope future viewers. It is unfortunate that this beauty has such a high price, but the costs are even greater when it is lost.

  2. and you would think with a group of powerful admirers like that they would each be able to donate the amount of money needed and be seen as the saviours of such a worthy and inspirational subject.

    If they don't, if we don't raise the money and they do end up in another private buyers hands, then this painting (and the others belonging to this collection) may never be seen again by us, the public.

  3. Damien could use the additional ego stroking.. Ha.. I know artists get called on all the time to take care of their own, and at times it is unfair, but these arti$ts have done so well that surely they will rise to the occasion or inspire others to do so. Think of the publicity and mileage they could get out of this. If the paintings are sold to a private buyer who then refuses to show the works publicly, it is not ownership but thievery instead.

  4. Exactly, and what better use to put their financial standing & importance within the art world to good use, Damien was included in the 'top 100' richest list, the first time a living artist has ever made the list (apparently)
    and as Damien acts now as collector as well, this would be a well returned gesture to a painting that went on to inspire generations (from El Greco, Velásquez to Bacon)

  5. I hear you.. Maybe Damien will come across your blog and feel even more compelled to help out.. DO IT DAMIEN- HELP OUT!

    If anytime there was a time to use your celebrity as an artist the time is now!!!!! DO IT DAMIEN- Save the Titians!!! Be a sport.

  6. Maybe? what do you mean maybe??
    Damien's a regular here, first thing he does of a morning after sparking up a benson & hedges with his jewel encrusted skull lighter..
    and it's straight down t' factory..

    he'll be royally crappin' himself at the moment..
    he knows he's gonna have to stump up the dosh for the 'Titians' or all hell will break loose..

    a riot of chemical factory proportions..

    and that's nearly 3' readers..

    come on Damien, dig deep, I'll throw in a fiver if you cough up the rest mate..

  7. With Damien on board I think you have at least 5 regular readers. So, perhaps we could all chip in and take a little of the weight off Mr. Hirst's shoulders. He carries a heavy burden as it is...and if the additional lurkers (Freud,Hockney, and Emin- we know you read this blog too)add their bit as well then maybe we can all make a difference and save these master works...and if not.. yes- there will be a riot..

  8. Of course they read this blog, they all do, it's no use pretending you don't.. sending me private emails instead of leaving comments here doesn't get you out of it...
    I know it's coming up to Christmas and Damien has his pigs to feed, and Tracey has her eye on that new tent.. but.. come on..
    Perhaps I could help out by posing for Freud?? he likes painting supervisors.. he got a few bob for that last one..

  9. Hiding behind personal emails to "The Supervisor???" Oh now, that is tragic. The super has better things to with his time than read through your missives! Show yourselves!!
    I am sure this thread has you all on your last nerve, as every time your names are mentioned (Tracey Emin, Lucien Freud, Damien Hirst and David Hockney)you probably get a "ping" in your inbox alerting you.. So you may as well pay your share, so we can all move on...

  10. ..and just because your name hasn't been mentioned here.. doesn't mean you are exempt, we refer to all successful artists who have been lucky to make a substantial (more than) living through their art.. is time to give back..

    if you don't then me & Megan will buy the Titians and we won't let anybody look a them ever again..

  11. I think maybe we have been wasting our time here, I mean perhaps we should just go ahead and buy up the Titians like you suggested. Perhaps this will be the Titian Christmas? I think these masterpieces will make great gifts for everyone on our lists.What they do with them is of course is up to them...Are you in Supervisor? What's 50 mil. between friends?

  12. Wait... Hold the phone!
    I think we have a new buyer...

    Guy Ritchie can now save the Titians!
    (Thank you Madonna)

  13. Too late!
    I've already purchased them; you said you'd go halves yeah?
    Just stick a cheque in the post, or get the drinks in next time we go for beers (I'd go with the cheque, you know how much my beer tab can run up)
    Anyway, I think mine will look splendid in the wash-house, what you gonna do with yours?

  14. That was fast, I wasn't accounting for the time difference... Well, I have to say I am actually pleased about this development. Yes, I will send a check right away- definitely cheaper than your beer tab...

    I think I will put mine in the bathroom. You don't think the steam from the shower will hurt it do you? But, I may just have to leave it outside on the porch awhile until I figure out what to do with it. I just don't know if it will go with my sofa...

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