Thursday, 18 December 2008

When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse

I'm seriously considering the journey to London
on the penultimate day of the Francis Bacon exhibition
in London, this for me is organisation to the extreme,
this means getting off my lazy arse and dragging my
weary bones into the outside world.. and onto a train
and into the busy heart of the country..
the odds of me getting very lost are very high..
odds of me returning on the same day as planned..
negligible to zero..

Trains make me anxious, people terrify me.. but I really
want to see this exhibition.. I need something good to
start the new year on the right tracks..


  1. Do it!

    When I was talking about looking at art books all day.. I had been looking at my Francis Bacon book trying to think if I had ever seen one of his paintings in person, I think I have but I can't remember..I wish I could remember.

    You could go and see them just like that. You could break free and just get yourself there and go.

    It would require work and energy but the pay off would be huge!
    What an adventure you would have.... Do it..

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  3. Do it in honour of being there with the paint, which looks completely different in person and is an exhilerating experience that cannot be otherwise reproduced. I'm sitting here with Francis Bacon in my Tate etc. magazine, and you can be there absorbed in the beauty of the work, having your day to yourself, critiquing the curation while collecting favourite moments, all yours. Sometimes planning too much can take more of you than things are worth and it's best just to go with what you like. Keep warm, wear a hat, and remember you're anonymous when you ask for directions.

  4. Oh yes - you have to do it!! I just an hour and half from it, but I can't go, so go and tell us all about it!!!
    People are only scary when they're fully clothed - imagine they're :)))

  5. Yeah, you do have to see them in person.. that is thing that the internet will never kill.. no matter how well you can reproduce something, it isn't the same as when you see it in real life.. go see a Turner (any) and blow your mind if you don't believe me..

    I have seen Bacons in galleries before.. and that is mind 'bending'

    I will 'do it'

    I will wear a hat.

    (always wear a hat)

    I will file a full report.

    Thankyou my good friends.

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