Tuesday, 9 December 2008

look at the model and feel very exactly

(for nature reveals herself to me in very complex ways)

I'm looking, I can't stop looking; like beauty of
'Titian proportions' with that ultimate sense of
impending romantic loss, which was always
out of reach.. in very complex ways..
with a bottle of vodka in my coat,
& my dog eared bible lost.


  1. "...a sufficient amount of blueness to give the feel of air."
    (this reminds me of your work)

    Are you "learning to fail better?"
    I hope so, I hope we all are.

  2. I hope I am failing better, I try to fail the best I can.

    When the successful artist Megan Chapman states ‘this reminds me of your work’ after sending me an email to confirm her recognition of my reference to Cezanne..

    well, I am flattered and also astonished that anybody could be this astute..

    .. now, if anybody can read between the lines.. that model is “very exactly a real possible loss”

    (I am very astonished Megan..)