Thursday, 7 August 2008

god's away on business

7am scratching till it bleeds something,
methodically screaming like a cunt on speed,
all to the distant tinkling of paintbrushes
in jars.. being smashed against the walls..

i woke wondering why the very few i could call
friends in the workplace have distanced themselves
from me, watering friendship down to mere

this probably precipitated the need to drag my
crooked bent thumbnail through the paint encrusted
canvas, wake up you cunting piece of shite, do
something, be something you heap of fuck..

some pretty pictures for you, how nice.
(heap of fuck not shown)


  1. I can feel a hard frenetic energy in these photos, a desperate clatter of jars and brushes. Must paint, must do, get it down on the canvas. Push, push, push... not right, never is... Keeping pushing, pulling....perhaps something will start to work, and if it does perhaps it will then be destroyed.

    Struggle and perhaps later some form of redemption (just trying to be hopeful here)

    Thanks for sparing us the picture of the H.O.F

  2. Wow. Pretty pictures indeed.

  3. Looks v organised - better mess it up! x

  4. hey buddy, i think that if and when we ever do have easy or breezy days we should be pretty damn happy for them. Because at least from where I am standing,its usually like this blog you posted , so thats life. I guess that is why good days are so good , cuz bad ones really suck a horses ass. xxx

  5. To relieve the tension have you tried stabbing a doll? Failing that stab the ignorant bastards... then insert the doll... just to relieve the tension.

  6. how about stabbing a horses ass?
    the bad days are bad and blacker than the chambers of a dead nun's heart..
    as for organised?? moi??

    glad some thought the pics to be pretty...

    thanks for all these comments, you really should all be reading something more constructive and not this shite tho'