Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Your potential... (leave it alone)

"Leave it as a locked door within yourself. That's how it should be. At least then in your mind the inside will always be palatial...Don't open the door....All you will see is one tiny grey startled cat with diarorhea sitting on a matressless iron sprung bed with its great big eyes meowing at you. ..While an emphazemic landlady untangles her popsocks in the background....That's your potential....Its not going to make you happy. You will be depressed when you find out how little you've got.You don't want to find out that the best you can do, the MOST you could possibly achieve...IF you gave it your all...IF you harvested every screed of energy within you, and devoted your self to improving yourself...That all you would get to is MAYBE.... Eating less cheesy snacks."
(Dylan Moran)

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