Saturday, 2 August 2008

isolater found on roof.

you are not supposed to read/write blogs at work,
along with social interaction/smiling and civility.

what did come as a surprise though was when the
button monkeys figured out how to actually block
them.. hat's off to them, it only took them two years.

i will have to find some other means of dragging my
weary soul through the dark chambers of banality,
you can't get away with reading a book, it is too
obvious.. at least with the computer when i'm typing
clandestine emails to friends over the pond it looks
like i'm updating the latest spreadsheet with the
crucial 'number of chairs in the office' statistics..

damn it all to silicon hell..

at least i have replenished stocks of paints and canvas
ready to dive back into the latest traumatic reflection,
which in patches is working at a good speed, some other
area's need attention, serious attention..

i have also received, by way of birthday gift, the manual
of utter corrosion i have been itching to get my grubby paws
on for some time..
it is a scientific manual for sculptors listing the compounds
and weights needed to make a paste or solution to corrode metals
and basically knacker stuff up.. big time.. groovy.

now, all i need is the substances listed..

potassium nitrate, sodium chloride, ethanol, sodium dichromate,
zinc, acetic acid... to name a few..

i have already found a website that stocks these flavours at a
reasonable price..

and yes, if you don't here anything from me for the next
10-12 years, it is because i will be at her majesties pleasure
for suspicion of bomb making terrorist charges...

so, in the mean time, don't forget you can find my work in the
latest chapel gallery exhibition.. .. go there now..

and postcards are available..


  1. Where's my postcard??

    Yeah..and be careful with your anarchist cookbook, I mean your "scientific manual for sculptors."

    Have fun...

  2. What scared me most was the 2 pink protrusions from under the postcard in the bottom picture....

    Oh yeah, let me have a postcard too...or more if you want me to put them in my studio which has reasonable traffic of creative peeps.
    We can do swapsies :)