Tuesday, 5 February 2008

version (ii)

ok, so this is a second attempt, albeit a rather
rushed one; i managed to escape the factory a couple
of hours earlier by nipping out the fire escape..

the light was fading fast so i had to work quickly
it was raining outside, so no chance of outside..
but, my studio has skylights, the painting was
placed beneath the skylight; and to focus this time
i used a piece of paper with type on stuck to the
painting, set the focus, aimed between f8-f11 and
set it on timer; whilst it counted down i removed
the typed paper; and below is the uncropped and
unedited in photoshop;

just for comparison; to see if the direction i am
heading towards is the right one...

there is much more work to be done still...

1 comment:

  1. gigantic image!! finally seen!!!! woooowwwww! Incredible!!

    Ive noticed when I use photoshop if i go into "images" brightness/contrast"
    then lower the brightness and just hit the contrast a little the colors are more true to the image itself.... i dont know if that is an issue for you.

    good luck with naming, you dont need a name but you're very witty and I'm sure whatever you choose is it. becuz its alll youuuu!! xxxxxxxxxxx