Tuesday, 5 February 2008

image redux; take 3, version (iv) - part b...

image cropped; colour corrected;
and rotated slightley to make it level.

(click on pic for larger image)


additional added to this post (wednesday 6th feb)

the entry form states that an optional image
may be submitted if collage/relief used;

so i have re-shot some photographs of the bottom
part of this work.
i like the idea of being able to see that the
metal continues around the edges of the box canvas
but, i like the other shot also..


(click on pic for larger image)


(click on pic for larger image)


  1. NICE! Very nice- even lighting, good focus, the colors are clear. The bottom band is lovely and rich with detail.

    Could this be the one?

  2. Thankyou Megan!

    yes!! I think it really could be!!

    i spent along time sticking to your f11 & daylight rules;

    i think i have a good overall light and i have managed a clear sharp focus;

    this is probably the best photograph i have ever taken.

    i'm now hoping that i have chosen the right painting, i've looked at it so much i have lost my impartial judgement.

  3. It is the "right" painting. Who knows if it will be "right" for "them."

    Think of all the other shows you can enter this piece into if it doesn't work out. Think of all the work you can now properly document for other shows and galleries...

    You are one step closer!