Wednesday, 13 February 2008

like the light in Italy (well, sort of)

i have been working at the paperclip factory
till midnight, long & boring hours wasted...

i still manage to get up in the morning to do
as much as i can & have several various idea's
in progress; the 'incubator' series, which so
far consists of two small canvases is catching
the sun's warm rays in the garden, hopefully i
will expand on these.

the light this morning was beautiful, i took
the below picture of my favourite painting shirt
as the light caught all the specks & drips of
paint, the light has an almost Rembrandt quality.


i'm still struggling to find a suitable title that
encapsulates the painting in the previous post for
submission.... they (the panel of judges) only get
to see the painting & title, so i figure the title
has to be of interest also.. it may even be a kind
of deciding factor??


  1. beautiful you definitely have the knack for photos

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