Thursday, 21 February 2008

factory will fall.

having read (and in most cases re-read) various
books, poems, song lyrics etc.. i have drawn a
blank for a suitable title.. it was only when
trawling through my own blog here (wondering what
i had written over the past few months) that i
came across an early photograph of the painting
as a 'work in progress' - the title of that
particular post was "another enriching layer of
obviously how i felt at the time..
so, stick to what you know and how you feel..
i'm gonna go with that.

what i find strange is when a friend passes comment
to you about a post on "your blog" - christ, i didn't
think anybody read this twaddle (apart from two maybe
three people & my cat who occasionaly sits on the
computer whilst i'm typing this)..

you mostly forget that anybody can find themselves here
why they would want to is another matter..

i spent most of this morning (nursing a bad zinfandel
and bitter head) applying acid to copper in a small(er)
attempt to recreate the imagery in my (broken) head
and produce smaller versions & variations on a theme;

here; (work very much in progress...)



and copper and this corrosion..



a habbit of mine is to wipe brushes down my shirt and
also to put them in my mouth, usually i have paint all
around my mouth from this rather unhealthy habit of
brush cleaning.. of course, sometimes it's not just
paint i use my brushes for..

i may go and have a little lie down now..


  1. Wow!!! "Another enriching layer of
    Nicely done...

    Oh, I love the copper and corrosion.

    and be careful with the lead!!!

  2. Copper And This Corrosion created using alcohol and acid.
    It looks like another one that'll go nicely on one of my walls. Stop painting them with me in mind. ;)