Thursday, 28 February 2008

after the quake

uncertain futures,
muddy waters to swim..
and deadlines with their own darkness..

..last one to leave the factory,
turn off the bright lights..


  1. i love that you take pictures now!! thank everyone who helped you get it!!

    I love the green so beautiful..and the process is the best to watch. thanks for your comment! xxx

  2. The cream and blue land/skyscapes for my birthday please.

  3. Beautiful photographs, beautiful work. A little art factory- very exciting...

    I got the lights...

  4. i want to but the two with the supreme green essence, how much , seriously. I had a major experience with it. The first day I saw it , that night as I lay to bed It was vivid in my mind. Then the colors came out and washed all around in my mind all around my being. Very interesting and also a great experience. Ya a no drugs. Pure meditation.