Friday, 1 February 2008

mum, mars is at the window..

i have a deadline looming like the dirty end of winter.

i keep staring at the form which i have had to pay to
register for..

this is so way above my station it may as well be held
on mars.

i have several problems to tackle here, firstly i can only
submit one piece.. by one single photograph.

how the hell do i choose which piece?? out of all your work
how do you ascertain which is representational of your most
significant style?

and, even when you have acomplished this.. photographing it..
oh, this issues i am having with photographing work..
people will be submitting 35mm slides, professionaly taken,
studio lit with those silver space umbrella thingies.. you
know, the ones they have on mars.. (possibly)

what have i got? a mobile phone camera..

(it's like turning up to your home economics lesson at school
with 'ready brek' when told to bring oats..)

i have till the end of the month to decide if i should bother
submitting something.. or maybe just draw a big smiley face
on the registration form and send it to NASA.. please forward
to mars, ta.

these are some attempts of photographing what i'm
struggling with (and have been struggling with for
some time)
i have been coming back to this painting on and off
for months..

i'm going to go and weep quietly in the corner now..


  1. Hang in there...

    This can be done.. I have some ideas..can't write them down right now, but I will soon.

    Keep on. You can do this.

  2. Have you thought of maybe using some white bedsheets and tacking them up on the wall for a backdrop? You can then use whatever lamps you have along with some white poster board to reflect more light onto your painting. Do you know anyone that has a digital camera that you could borrow?

    Maybe you could go buy a digital camera, if you have a credit card, then take your picture, and return it the next day! Just say it didn't work out for you...

    There are a lot of photo websites that allow you to send an image from your computer to their site and they make a slide for you from that. My boyfriend uses You just send the image to them and they send you a's not too expensive either and I don't think that there is a minimum order...hope this helps. Good luck and hang in there.

  3. many many thanks for the comments, help, suggestions and encouragement..

    it is, as always, greatley appreciated.

    ps, michele, i don't have a credit card, can i borrow yours?!

  4. my god it looks great in every picture, even these