Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Pre-Raphealite treasures

This article fascinated me, it was in yesterdays


Two Pre-Raphaelite masterpieces found in the kitchen and above the electric fireplace of an unassuming terrace house in Oxford have been uncovered and are to be put on public display.

A watercolour by Dante Gabriel Rossetti was found in Preston's kitchen, while an oil painting by Sir Edward Burne-Jones was hanging above an electric fire in her crowded living room.


click here for the online version

unfortunately it doesn't show the beautiful
paintings in the online story, or the very
dull looking garaged fronted terraced house
they lay hidden.


  1. what a story! In the kitchen! God i hope no one cooked there!!!

    amazing all of those items found.
    thanks for posting such a cool article.

  2. i am glad that someone else read the article..
    i thought it was an amazing story..