Tuesday, 4 December 2007

the paintings that fell to earth...

as the paintings i have been doing involve
the effects of nature/weather/'progress'
i have been experimenting further & rather
than emulate certain conditions, i thought
why not actually bring them in.

my paintings involve layer upon layer,
scratched back, and then layered some more..
copper is treated with acids to cause
weathered & beaten looks..

everything goes back to earth.

so, the experiment..

i took a small canvas, made up a mix of 'filler'
and applied.. then i placed a metal plate within
and further plastered the filler over it..

when dried, i applied more paint & various mixed
compounds, colours, inks.. again, when dried,
i spray painted the whole canvas white..

then, i buried it in the garden, and got back
on working with my other paintings...

i dug it up this morning, and it is now drying
out in the studio.

detail one;


detail two;


this is the first stage,
next when thoroughly dried out
i will begin to work into the
painting & see where that takes me.

whilst i do that, i have already
started another;

canvas applied with filler..

found metal piece 'placement'

once dried, i start digging,
and then i can plant it.
hopefully, taking into account
this harsh & cruel weather it
shouldn't take too long to flower..


  1. Wow- tasty details.
    I love the white crackle, with rusty bits. That is simply lovely as it is now.... Sounds like an interesting process.Looking forward to reading more.

  2. yeah, those rusty bits are what i'm after!!
    there is a metal plate 'beneath the surface' of the plaster.
    i don't know what will become of this and how i can actually utilise it..
    nature is a tricky one to handle..
    it could all just flake apart and crumble yet!!

  3. i like the temper of metal, ive used it b4, the flaking to me shows the process of life, all things eventually deteriorate and rejuvenate as the seasons prove again and again. the same could go for a heavily plastered canvas , if it starts to flake or break ...i love that!! the elements put together in your images increase passion i feel for them. :) xx