Monday, 26 November 2007

Saatchi Gallery

I dislike writing these things,
a combination of sounding too pretentious
or to bland and boring...
finding a good level is impossible.


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Dystopian landscapes, buildings collapse, go back to earth and chemical factories are the new autumnal beauty.

If we look at the world without blinkered eyes it is both strange and surprising what can seem beautiful.

My work is largely landscape based incorporating all elements therein, a rusted sheet of factory metal can become an autumn backdrop for a chemical skyline.
Telegraph wires travel through the sky holding the world together.

The world is corroding,
I think that is beautiful.


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  1. wow your artist's statement is poetic! In a great way S > What a view from your eyes , and heart. yes its a bit odd to write these things. what do you think of me i have been extremely arrogant. ( truthfully i'm just trying to believe and attract that belief to me) But your words are so worthy. ok bye 4 now