Wednesday, 21 November 2007

room(s) with a view

just spent the last week in the
beautiful lake district,
ambleside to be precise.
every view is breathtaking and
inspiring; here are a select few;

view from brantwood (john ruskins house)
which overlooks coniston lake.

view from the bottom of brantwood

the place we stayed in also had a beautiful
view from the balcony of loughrigg, this is
my attempt at using the 'panoramic' setting
on my phone camera which i found by accident;

view from balcony; loughrigg (panoramic)


  1. these are from the camera on yr phone? geez! i have a fancy phone and it doesn't do that! what are you rocking, the iPhone?

    i bet the views were inspiring!

  2. nothin' so flash angela,
    infact my phone is a point
    of humour for most people,
    i've dropped it on the studio floor
    more times, kicked it, stood on it, spilt paint all over it...
    and the number '3' doesn't work anymore... so i can't phone anyone whose telephone number contains a 3

    the camera is pretty good tho' !!

    and the views were absolutley spectacular.. very inspiriing.

  3. just like a happy for your trip.