Thursday, 20 December 2007

factory working conditions..

I'm surrounded by a wonderful winter wonderland...
only it's not wonderful, it's bloody cold.

Work at the factory really slows down at this time
of year, motivation is hard when the 'outside' world
becomes almost a 'no go area'

My studio is an igloo, definitely a 'no stay' area.

I still have things to work on 'sans studio' that are
keeping me ticking over.. just..

Megan has a great post on her blog;
~ click here to read her post ~

which has had me thinking over a few things, i suppose
we all start to consider how we will approach things
differently in the new year.. but i find myself lost as it
approaches very quickly, and worry that i will again fall
into the 'carry on as you are' scenario..

I have been turning this all over in my head to come up
with a 'jam plan' for 2008 - i'm running short of idea's

I've not even left a comment on Megan's post because I just
cannot think of anything constructive/achievable..


  1. Well then I will just have to leave a comment on yours!

    First, thanks for mentioning my post, glad it got you thinking, even if you aren't coming up with anything.

    Second, If it makes you feel better, the year approaches too fast for me too. My mind spins all sorts of possibilities of things I could do,should do,or want to do better, until it can become a overwhelming mess and I become paralyzed. So, I try to pick the smaller easier things first. I usually have to get so mad at myself for not doing what I need to do that I finally just get up and do something. Perhaps you can come up with just one small thing and let me know...Anyway- all the best in the new year(whatever you may or may not come up with).

  2. thats the same with me but i don't see how that can solve your dilemma.
    I am currently loading up my plate ...just loading the shit out of it and have already started devouring into it. Things in life can be applied, our lives take us to our art.
    The one small thing I did was start communicating with other artists on myspace last year. I let my profile grow so huge i realized how appreciated I was. I deleted it as you know..but I left with confidence and being validated in ways i could have never a accomplished here alone in Florida.
    One I idea i wish i would have pursued was asking a fellow artist from one of the other countries to see If they could advise me of a gallery in their area to exhibit.
    Be in Belgium The Netherlands, France... I had so many contacts. I still have the confidence and intent to peruse that path of exhibiting in other countries... even if its on the back burner for now.
    But The Networking on myspace can be to a great advantage for an artist and the artistic communities. I know You have friends on there Steven...I haven't been able to create anymore because i felt i did what i wanted to do. I really don't think I can go backwards or repeat the last year let a lone the last 20 years.
    I am venturing and experimenting now with a new medium. Who knows where it will go but its a F*in relief to feel this good again about creating. I was really scared that I was tapped out, I felt it big time. I like her idea of approaching a magazine and I am already in pursuit with some web page designers including a pay pal sales cart and working on having federal express be my mailing company... For me I want to talk to the people ... not just the gallery I hope with this intent doors will open in this direction!!

    You have had a phenomenal impression on my life as an artist Steven. I couldn't have accomplished everything I did in the last year and Where i am today with out you... so sit on that for this Christmas white out and drink a toast to you from me warm and fuzzy toast of some really good shit.
    God love you Steven and No matter what Steven just who you are and what youve accomplished and your solid stable approach and execution your consistency to returning devoutly to your studio all of it Steven you are a true artist... and I will always want to see your blogs and your frign art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xxxx Merry Christmas and love for the New Year.