Tuesday, 21 August 2007

the chemical factory... in person

"the chemical factory" triptych
(oil on wooden panels/calico, rusted sheet metal,
wire/string, leaves & moth)

from the 'looking sideways' exhibition;
i like to grab a photograph of my work in exhibitions
as a kind of souvenir, not the greatest of quality image
but serves as a scrapbook entry.

the exhibition needs to be visited in person, photographs
couldn't do it justice, it's such a wealth of diverse talent
set it a beautiful gallery, it demands to be walked around
and explored.

the gallery has, to me anyway, the feel of being granted
permission to peruse a private collection of some enthusiastic
collector, i love the the layout, the staircase & fireplace,
surrounded in beautiful artwork, it really is very beautifully all
put together.

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