Monday, 27 August 2007

time out of mind.

i recently had cause to plaster a small
hole in the wall, i decided to use to filler
type mix stuff and filled the hole having
made far too much.
being parsimonious with materials (as well as
my current time theories) i decided to use
the remaining on a small canvas.
i have found it useful to keep a stock of
smallish canvases (12"x9") for this type of
i like to experiment with all types of media
plaster, fillers, the obvioius metals, inks,
wax etc etc..
i love the texture and movement of the filler.
the canvas has no actual purpose at the moment
but has already baited ideas that have now began
swim around in my head.

unfortunately, today, bank holiday or not, i have
to go to dark place (paperclip factory) & waste many
hours only being able to imagine what i could be

at least when i finish at midnight, all will be
quiet and i can work a few hours into the early
morning with all those ideas i have collected..

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