Sunday, 19 August 2007

after the rain

click on pic "photograph shows work in progress"

this is a picture of a painting that didn't get uploaded
due to me having no Internet connection; i found it whilst
browsing my folders; it's only a small painting, but it is
for me a lasting memory of the sunnier days this year where
the fields of rapeseed oil where truly breathtakingly and
blindingly intense yellow.
i would travel past them every day, usually on my way to
'the office' where i would spend the next 10hrs dreaming
of that beautiful yellow field..

this is what keeps me sane, and as J said to me in her
last email;
"not letting the nagging doubts about what the fuck you're
doing it for creep in"

just go along with it, do it... if it feels right..

it's right...

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