Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lazy bastard living in a suit..

I'm pondering the 'what next?' scenario...
I've been looking through my work past and my work to date, specifically the work in progress and wondering to that direction..

The new 'OK Studios' website is now up and running (of which I am an 'associate member')

'OK Studios'

What is racing through my mind is the consideration of a studio there... I have been 'in limbo' since leaving my last studio at 'Soaptank Studios' and work has come to an abrupt halt..
OK currently have the studio availability... and I have still many projects and idea's to pursue..

It is a case of the studio rent and the motivation to get off my arse and back to work...
I feel as though I have become lost, lazy and joyless.. a kick is what I need..


  1. Your work became amazing last time you had a studio. I say grab a cup of coffee and go for it.