Sunday, 8 May 2011

"Every crack can compose art"*


I have been working for sometime introspectively whilst tending new ideas & directions, hopefully to bring those core elements together into something cohesive.

This includes re-evaluating previous work, process & meaning.

There are a lot of ‘parts’ and to ‘bring those together’ has caused my mind much turmoil, seeing how all this works, a re-alignment, of sorts.

Everything in it’s right place.

It’s a lonely pursuit… but someone’s got to stare at the floor, the cracks in the pavement…

..and it appears that this crack doesn’t mix too well with others..



  1. The most satisfying but mentally demanding kind of work. (for me, at least.)

  2. The introspective always is..
    it has been keeping me awake for days...
    I just wish I had some logical approach to this..

  3. Sometimes narrative has a way of lending logic. You write beautifully...

  4. I don't understand how I 'write beautifully' ?
    most of it seems disjointed & nonsensical..
    with the added bad spelling & grammar!!

    Unless you mean this in an abstract way?

  5. No no I mean seriously! I like your abstract and disjointed with artful double stops. Nonsense is a wonderful place to go with you. You tell good stories and you make the world shift, just like when you take a photo and the dark seeps in. I always want to hear more of what you have to say.