Monday, 11 April 2011

A man without landmarks

The above photograph is the view from the bottom of my garden, taken with a cheap plastic film camera, the lens I had broken off & fixed back on again with electrical tape, roughly, leaving cracks, to let the light in.
The lens, also plastic, coloured in with yellow felt tip pens and smeared with a film of grease from a baking tray in the oven.
Strange how even an every day cheap store bought camera in my time stained muddied hands produces an image of how I see, and not perhaps, what is, or what still remains.

I stood at the bottom of the garden, looking at this view, remembering that cold misty morning I grabbed my hat & coat and ran down to the brook with my camera and snapped this shot, thinking to myself, this picture now hangs in a gallery on the other side of the world.

Apparently, Megan tells me, somebody bought it.

*I am a man without landmarks.

*I say things a deaf man would say, having lost touch with the world.

A fictional character in a novel.


Photograph; "The Land In Silence Stands" - 45 x 60 cm - photographic print.
(prints available from The Hive Gallery - Fayetteville Underground - USA)
Fayetteville Underground


*Celestial Navigation by Anne Tyler 1974.


  1. Yes, someone bought it. It is a beautiful image.
    Actually 3 people bought it...

    and let's not forget the man with the umbrella full of snakes! Someone bought that too!

  2. ...I really should dust off my camera and take some more shots...

    Or perhaps, leave the dust and take some shots anyway..

    I'll order more snakes.. ;)

  3. Could you be in touch with me about images and prices?

    And is that the favourite book you were talking about?

    Congratulations, your success is well deserved.

  4. Of course, I will send you an email with details/prices if you're interested..

    and yes, Celestial Navigation is the book I previously referred..

    Thankyou for your very kind comments :) x