Sunday, 29 August 2010

Fragile things. (ii)

It was a very good friend of mine who pointed
out to me the other day that the 'Factory' makes
historical reference to 'experiment iv' series..

I have never trawled back through the entries
here & had no idea it went back as far as it does.

I decided to have a look myself & sure enough I
stumbled on this little gem in the 'Factory' archives....

You can see that 'experiment iv' (i) has already
been in the ground some time & already has started
to 'weather' - but experiment iv (ii) is just about
to get underway.

How different they look today...

Here is the post in full;


Tuesday, 4 December 2007

the paintings that fell to earth...

as the paintings i have been doing involve
the effects of nature/weather/'progress'
i have been experimenting further & rather
than emulate certain conditions, i thought
why not actually bring them in.

my paintings involve layer upon layer,
scratched back, and then layered some more..
copper is treated with acids to cause
weathered & beaten looks..

everything goes back to earth.

so, the experiment..

i took a small canvas, made up a mix of 'filler'
and applied.. then i placed a metal plate within
and further plastered the filler over it..

when dried, i applied more paint & various mixed
compounds, colours, inks.. again, when dried,
i spray painted the whole canvas white..

then, i buried it in the garden, and got back
on working with my other paintings...

i dug it up this morning, and it is now drying
out in the studio.

detail one;


detail two;


this is the first stage,
next when thoroughly dried out
i will begin to work into the
painting & see where that takes me.

whilst i do that, i have already
started another;

canvas applied with filler..

found metal piece 'placement'

once dried, i start digging,
and then i can plant it.
hopefully, taking into account
this harsh & cruel weather it
shouldn't take too long to flower


Shouldn't take too long to flower??!!

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  1. I love going back in time and remembering the beginning. And I love that you are sharing this process. This documentation is wonderful and these are wonderful works.

    and it bloomed so well....

  2. I love historical references, processes laid over one another...

  3. Thankyou both for joining me in my time travel machine, did anybody bring crumpets?