Sunday, 11 April 2010

You remember going for a walk don't you?

Further adjustments, the painting on the right
(as yet untitled) has been altered to bring down
the green further into the yellow ochre band;
the whole effect is to capture that feel of a
lost childhood; complete with 1970's Polaroid colour,
power lines & a host of other little memories..

click pic to see full size


  1. So beautiful. I love these.
    I see you in these paintings.
    I am smiling and lost for words.
    Like the way you say it should be.

    These paintings are doing all the talking now.

    I hear stories embedded quietly under the surface. Scrapped knees and pushed over bicycles, electric lines outside the windows of moving cars...

  2. i love your strong colours and the the gentle but serious mood. it is nice to see you in these (megan is always right).

  3. I love your comments & can't thank you enough for them.