Monday, 5 April 2010

soundtrack to the studio..

(Steven Heaton & Megan Chapman - "Delay Before Abandon")

It's that uncertainty, some colour, something to stare at,
something there that perhaps shouldn't be there...

This is what I spend my days thinking...

This is what doesn't keep the roof over my head or pay the rent...

...but still... something to stare at... for a while.




Mind how you go now.


  1. So happy to see all these wonderful paintings. This really is the best.
    Beautiful and welcoming. So glad to be able to collaborate with you as well.

    Thanks for giving me something to stare at always.

  2. I am enjoying your collaboration with Megan.

  3. Thankyou for staring!

    I'm glad you find something to enjoy here.

  4. I am excited about these white paintings. So excited!

  5. Thankyou Wrenna, the white paintings are a series by Megan (nothing to do with me!) - but they are far superior to my work, and I am excited about them as well..
    they are wonderful.

  6. You did some white paintings back in the day...

    Thank you for the link.

  7. Did I..? I don't remember!!!
    Those days have long gone...
    maybe I did paint something interesting in the past??!

    Glad you followed & enjoyed the link.

  8. never say i do not notice the glory that is The Factory.

  9. steve - you write just like your new paintings appear (to me at least) - distant, enigmatic, slightly alien, in code or cipher, of tales from the darker side of who knows where...

    did you just say something, or was just my imagination..?

    i am very drawn to the tall, skinny one btw - is it for sale perchance?

  10. I think i probably write like i paint... in some kind of distance...

    it isn't intentional.. but then of course it is...

    i am, just about in the dark as anyone...

    i don't pretend to understand anything anymore..

    and yeah, that tall skinny one is for sale...