Friday, 9 October 2009

Camera Obscura

I've been hitting brick walls again;
having put my camera away and put pressure
into painting; which will as a release,
seize; and has.. with a slight *glimmer..

holding onto that glimmer (spotted hidden on
the floor) - and the realisation than one can
spark the other...

I sat and pondered the above; burnt the remains;
drowned in a smoke & sunlight filled autumn tinged

Start again.

*Don't dismiss the glimmer. Enjoy the day..
Be good to yourself.

I think everything will be okay.


  1. Beautiful, factory. I want to climb right into it, maybe find a glimmer of my own. I love it.
    And you're right, it will be.

  2. thankyou.

    you are all welcome inside anytime.

    come burn with me and i always promise a glimmer.

    everything will be good.

  3. Factory your weather boxes look magical with this new, easier-to-read grey on dark colour scheme. As always its good to see you.

  4. This photo is a stunner!
    I just read back through some of your other posts and I love the look of your new studio space. Congrats in getting sorted.

    Of course it will all be okay.

    As my mum always says (and I've kind of adopted it), There is always a time and place for everything under heaven.
    I think its from Isiah or something anyway, but just picture heaven as that wonderful canopy of stars at night. That always puts things in perspective and balance for me.

    Best of luck with everything.
    Share some paintings with us soon.