Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Rehearsing my Choir

"Dreams in a Changing Landscape"

(Experiment IV;)

an exhibition of my work opens this weekend.
but.. this time instead of being in an art gallery
it will be held within a very beautiful church.

in the background,
the 'alteri chamber choir' will rehearse.

Hopefully, the choral sounds reflecting the
paintings, which, in turn, reflect our dreams
in this changing landscape.

Dreams in a Changing Landscape

Holy Innocents Church
Fallowfield, Manchester

Featuring a very special performance by
The Alteri Chamber Choir

Saturday 20th June, 3pm.


  1. That sounds really lovely, and the cards look fantastic. Congrats, already. You've done a wonderful job.

  2. thankyou for those beautiful words and thoughts.

  3. Congratulations !!
    I wish all the best with the show xx