Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I didn't know I was walking on holy ground.

Yesterday was the first day this year where I could
comfortably sit in my studio without the gas heater
on and not freeze...

so hopefully, I will start to get back into 'the swing'
I have two large paintings on the go.. both of which
just need some time to compose & settle.. and become..

I have spent the last 60 odd days taking photographs
to try and inspire and 'find' something that kicks me
into gear.. makes me look at the world from a different

It is working as well, you wouldn't believe what is all
around you, the things that you walk past everyday and
perhaps glance at it.. but with a camera you are forced
to focus on it.. observe it.. take it in..
and then you show other people who swear they have never
seen this before..

because they haven't really looked.


  1. Beautiful post and of course photograph. Glad you are working.

  2. You have described my favourite get-going therapy.

    I like that your hands in this photo remind me of mine.

    Keep on keeping on, Factory.

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