Sunday, 26 October 2008

impulsive/contradictory temperament & the MOQ - part i

to answer the comment in this post;

To find yourself you need the greatest possible freedom to drift.

I feel it does require further discussion,
as this is the one subject that seems to be
the biggest enigma and closely guarded aspect
of an artists history.

Too much freedom can cause a 'drift'; as can
elongated periods of isolation can weather
the concept of quality and direction.

'Structure' is something we seem intent on
collapsing and breaking free from, but without
it, we have no means of measure.

'Measure' something we use incorrectly to guide
the concept of 'quality'.. and this is where we
seem to lose it in an ill guided game of comparison.

How do we define quality?
Oh dear.. now we come to the 'metaphysics' and we
all start to swim in very muddy waters indeed..

A brief summary of the Metaphysics of Quality

and I didn't even touch on the relevance of a
preconceived and imagined 'structure' - one that
I feel can be altered, as again Bacon, so frequently
did 'to suit' the situation..

This has been turning around in my head for some years
and will continue to do so for many more to come..


  1. you're give me wonder a love of truth ..all that is and is not...thank god for you...and so?? are you still on myspace...? I am in Italy now and I have not been paying attention to anything until now i saw you are not on my page and I looked for you....Where are you!@!!
    pls write on my blog and answer...or kisses and friendship always