Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Warm Gizzard Soup?

I lay in bed this morning considering the parallels between Mark Rothko's application of paint and the stolen vacuum cleaner hidden in Slevin's wardrobe

My theory; as with the radio whose sound takes on a different formation during the nighttime, crackle emphasised..
the scuff and pop at the beginning of the record as the needle gently touches down on the vinyl..
We seem to be changing 'mediums' whereby we place content as 'more important' or in most cases 'main & sole importance'

Missing the actual signifying connection.

The vacuum cleaner, Slevin notes, has a thin rubber band around the base, to stop it from scuffing the furniture and a musty smell, to which a connection is drawn between childhood.. and which is lost on the acquisition of the object.

(I cannot be found in the modern equivalent either)

and neither can the record you loved as a child, purchased on CD from Amazon or downloaded of the Internet..

you have misplaced the content over the medium.

(motorcycle's for Pirsig)

Rothko & the importance of the application of his medium.

That was his connection.


"I'm wide awake, it's morning" (oil/acrylic on canvas)
(30" x 20" - OK exhibition August-September 2008)



  1. I am not going to address most of your post because every time I see this painting, I have to catch my breath.

    I am pulled into it and away from this world.

    First I go into the "sky", this deep alizarin crimson heaven, all that weightless space! This is a calm and brave place, no need for metal, wires, or extra textures. The warm color just pulls me up and I can breathe.

    But then when I need to come down, there is the lush lower section. The faded acidic green, the penciled in plans for color and the rich darkness below grounds it all.

    One thin line is all it takes, to tie it all together and merge both worlds into one.

    It is all there in this jewel of a painting and I thank you for it.

  2. I happen to be really taken with it too...
    You are truly talented and passionate in your works.

  3. it is evident that you are found in this modern interpretation Steven, it is in your promises to each of your paintings. I on the other hand have found joy in new medium. not so much subject matter as what I can do in these new medium, they have techniques of their own and how some of my painting techniqes actually transfer. There is some thing in our souls all of us that we are true to. I know i have to do as it tells me to.
    and when we are it is evident. Like your work . Steven I could lush and gush all day. But i wont becuz i know its not just that painting, its every bit of your life including your trips to work on your motorcycle that bring you to your canvas and make you mad or happy or ponder or get piss drunk. its true, and there are very little things I believe to be true( NOT in the "absolutes" sense that doesnt work in my world. i tried it just doesnt) but thats my point, people claim truth here and there. i dont know about them. and i cant it just not possible.
    anyway ive read this blog about 5 times i'll probably understand it better and hopefully fuller the more i read it.
    I feel you were saying more than one thing in this blog. and I am trying to hear it.
    friendship and love

  4. I can't tell you what a privledge it is to see through artists's eyes. Thanks.

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  6. Just letting you know you can find me here too :)