Friday, 5 September 2008

'I do not respond to latinesque hysteria'

Recent deviations and ill spent time in
abandoned spaces results in..
what does it result in?
Explanations are often discussed as we all
seem to grasp for some kind of understanding,
none of which appears to be found, however
long and hard.. through mistakes and through
success as well.. what keeps mankind alive?
Perhaps the looking alone.

"And I heard as it were the noise of thunder
One of the four beasts saying come and see..

..and I saw"


The fug of another nightshift clears and it's
back to the abandoned spaces..

..and the face of Jesus in my soup.


- Ok Studio's - August 2008.

- Ok Studio's - August 2008.

- Ok Studio's - August 2008.


  1. It has got to be "the looking alone."

    I wish things were more black and white, but it appears that they really are so grey and that is where I get into trouble. I guess that is where we all do, and so we just keep looking.

    Enjoy your soup.

  2. Strange....

    When I was looking at your page earlier it too was all black and white, your yellow background had gone away...and along with your black and white photos, it got me thinking about black and white worlds, and greys and etc.. Anyway.. just wanted to connect the dots. But your page is now back in all its Technicolor glory and I noticed a typo.. and well.. I need to get away from the computer.. I meant to say.."what we all do..."

    it's a human life...

  3. i didn't know your were a cash fan? i was just listening to that song yesterday.

    hope all is well!

  4. Just dropping in and giving my support.. :)

  5. it is a human life,

    never just black and white..

    thanks for these wonderful comments and support.

    Who isn't a Cash fan (or who that matters) ?

    glad you like the Weatherboxes, they seem so distant and long ago now.. weathered..

  6. How long does OK run? When do I get my pic?