Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Wednesday; (day away from Hades)

With a Van Gogh inspired beard I stomped
the two miles to the farmers rape seed field..



I have a camera again, thanks to my Dad who thought I may
get more productive use from it than he..

So I decided a good test would be the beautiful yellow rape seed

I am learning..

I have several paintings on the go..

Photographs will follow after more
camera experimentation..


  1. Wow- what an intense yellow!
    I love this, with the grey blue sky, a sliver of horizon. Makes me want to wander out into this field and sleep.

  2. wow. i have the notion that the fields have infiltrated your blog. goldenrod, i think, is the best color name. or goldenrod ochre.

  3. Great pics!
    Your studio looks busy - yay!
    Happy Days :)