Sunday, 27 April 2008


so, promises, promises..

and thats the line i'm drawing
under it.

back to the real work and i have
put the final layers of varnish on
the 'torn sky' piece; few more lines
and it will be complete..
those reds blister with crimson morning
sky.. i am pleased with this.

'field' studies (version (i)) has had
it's first layer of varnish to it's
base patina; it is now looking quite
shiny.. and the rape seed yellow has
started to blaze..
..i am pleased with this too.

i haven't got means of photography at
the moment having sent the new phone/camera
back, i couldn't trust myself with such an
expensive gadget after the recent laptop

but as soon as i do..,
photographs will follow..


no more news from nowhere...


  1. Completed paintings, layers of varnish, crimson and yellow, patina, and shine. Things sounds good with the real work. I am so happy you are working and are pleased.

    It will be great to see photographs of this work one day, but right now, working is probably more important that documenting anyway.

    Everyday that we paint is a victory.

  2. sounds good - can't wait to see :)