Monday, 21 April 2008

I promise to commit no acts of violence.

Night shift at the factory is coming to an end,
it has been fun (it hasn't been fun)
Having battled with the moral standing of whether
it would be a criminal act to rid humanity of
the demick that is the scraping of the scraping of
the gene pool..

I went for a walk instead.
..but my moral standing is still lying down.

Thoughts of orange oxide from Megan and a return
to a painting that has been calling for my attention
all week.. just about keep me trundling forth..

Still no news from a certain 'Gallery'..
I don't think there will be any news, at least
not favourable now..

I have been without cell phone/camera for some
time after an incident in the studio a couple of
weeks ago..

..but I now have a new one.. I can't work it yet,
but this cell has a very sexy camera..
so, expect some images again soon(ish)
and a reply to txt messages..
(sorry K, only just received that, and everyday
should be an 'Abby' day)

Ok, so I better go pull out the lounge suit, iron
some designer creases in it..

The Supervisor has an interview to attend..


  1. Hey you - sounding a bit depressed here's a mental hug, and I hope your week presents happy events :)

  2. "I'll subtract pain by ounces..."

    orange oxide orange oxide
    orange oxide orange oxide
    orange oxide orange oxide
    orange oxide orange oxide

    It's a human life...right?
    oh yes.

  3. Better late than never -- have a hug from me too, if that's not too, you know...

    I now have seasons 1-3 of Abby wonder with season 4 on advance order for May 19th. I could now spend 72 (soon to be over 100) hours straight watching NCIS if I didn't sleep or have a life (no comments). Bliss.