Monday, 12 November 2007

random thoughts..

just emailed a friend telling them about an
artist i read about couple of years back
(probably more) who for the life of me i can't
remember the name..
the general story was that this artist had died
and when his house came to be 'emptied' thousands
of paintings where found stacked throughout the
house.. some where even stuck together, the house
was filled floor to ceiling with the things..
an exhibition was arranged and the paintings sold
for extremely large sums of money...
but from what i remember, the artist hardly ever
if at all, left the house.. certainly nobody new
he was an artist...

i wonder what his plan was, if he had a plan even..

maybe he really was just driven to paint..
nothing else mattered...

again, i'm typing this in to no real avail or purpose.

random thoughts..

oh, the weather is now officially 'git cold'


  1. you've helped me so much this fall. I lost something, and by these blogs i regained them, cant really pin point it but its a huge reality. the drama of life a relationships...can really distract someone. but is it necessary to have them ,, maybe. I dont think i could have completed the proposal without you inspiring me S. and to have validation from your comment.. is the such a deep fluttering delight. thank you for everything.As for our drive to paint create..i think this story is the best. I 'll keep on even if there werent galleries blaa...but there are. and mostly there are others creating if anything know that since I met you our discussions and being able to voyager into these blog...this is what it is about. cheers me deeears...

  2. i'm glad that my rambling nonsence
    makes some sence to someone! sometimes the 'just doing' can get you through the black spot, when you can't work or can't justify why you work.. the 'just doing' clears it away..
    glad to know that your proposal is in, i hope it will bring you the well deserved success, direction, location & happiness..
    thankyou too linda.