Wednesday, 7 November 2007

a lot of thievery

a change from painting;

i read alot, and tend to get attached to characters
within books, i hate to let them go, i have already
this month lost the beautiful liesel and her friend
rudy, i got really upset when we lost the 'the boy
whose hair remained the colour of lemons forever'

'the book thief' markus zusak's epic novel..

of course, as the colder weather sets in, there is
more time (or excuses in my case) to read even more
than usual..

enter douglas coupland's new book(s) - 'the gum thief'
and the book within the book 'glove pond'

i have been a huge fan of coupland for years, a would
name several of his books as favourites, 'girlfriend
in a coma', 'eleanor rigby', 'all families are psychotic'
'hey nostradamus!' and more - all classics..

i am only have way through the new book(s) and already
think this is the best thing he has ever written, it is
already on the top 5 list.. (thanks, nick hornby)

i can't tell you how astute & spot on he is at identifying
real life situations and how people really think and move
through their badly made lives..

"life will kill you in the end, but first it will deny you
what you want"

does it help by association of disaster? i'm not entirley sure.
of course this is done with a very dry & black sense of humour
probably as black as the 36yr old congealed bottle of soy source
steve flakes onto his cold chinese take out..

roger himself in the book whilst looking around a craft
shop to find a 'seed' of inspiration notices a pack of
'sticker packs' with little rainbows and unicorns that
say 'dreams come true!' and it makes him want to cry..

dreams don't come true, dreams die. dreams get compromised,
dreams end up dealing meth in a booth at the back of the olive
garden, dreams choke to death on bay leaves. dreams get spleen

the gum thief, douglas coupland

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