Monday, 22 October 2007

in the really real world....

i am having some 'postcards' printed by
a professional printing firm, and possibly
some poster sized prints (possibly)

the postcards are for promotional purposes,
to hand out, leave & secrete in the pockets
of potential buyers, collectors & gallery
owners.. you get the picture..

firstly, i don't know which painting to use
to 'advertise' myself with..

secondly, & my main issue, do i print the
web address of this place on the back..??

do i want people to know the reality of a
struggling 'artist' - can't give his paintings
away - works in a call centre to pay the

that's not very professional is it...

but it is the reality...

how much reality is wise..?


  1. as soon as i am even remotely financially stable, i'll be putting in my order for a few of your weatherboxes.

    don't let the idea of selling/not-selling diminish the very real value of your work. (taking a look at what idiots with money ARE buying should make you feel a little better...they're buying a lot of crap!)

  2. the-keyboard-on-this-thing-is-broken;;but-i-dont-want-anyone-to-see-this-blogspot-either;;i-want-a-poster:0

  3. these comments help will help me sleep tonight, keeps me working as well, even if people prefer to spend large sums of cash on televisions, games consoles..
    people DO buy a lot of crap don't they!
    i'll keep on nailing weather boxes together in my shed!
    ..and i'll sort out those posters!