Thursday, 25 October 2007

...answers on a postcard...

it's as easy as taking a good quality digital

i'm obviously an incompetent fool then when
it comes to taking a 'good quality' digital

i have tried; indoor light, outdoor natural
light.. slowing down the 'iso speed' adjusting
the 'white balance' and other such photography
type nonsense, all of which equals...

absolute rubbish..

the camera i am using is obviously colour blind
& needs to visit the optician because it clearly
cannot focus on anything... (yes i have tried
with and without macro)

i have tried a multitude of different combinations
of 'camera settings' and quite frankly, we are not
developing a loving relationship...
(yes, "developing" even i groaned out load as i
wrote that..)

i thought this was going to be a lot easier...

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