Saturday, 1 September 2007


have laid down a base of copper on
the bottom third of a painting i am
currently working on, applied a mix
of various solutions of patina & acid
with a cloth.. let it bite/tarnish and
age a little while..

as i have sealed this with varnish i
decided to admit defeat on the previous
painting, take it off the wall and lay it
to rest, finish it, varnish it..

always makes me sad to varnish a painting,
it's the final step, no going back now..
it is what it is and will never be worked
into anymore.. should i have worked more into
it?? could i have pushed it further..??

i don't know, it's done now.

i wonder if any painters enjoy varnishing,
i wonder if they step back and think, yes!
that's it!!

maybe one day i will, instead of just thinking
i'll get it better next time...

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