Sunday, 2 September 2007

"On this Midsummer night; Everyone is sleeping"

but i'm still working through; i've also
managed to get the day off "work" to do some
real work; so i've been able to spend all
sunday finishing the varnished culprit &
now that it is fully dry, add the threads
that should bring it all together.
i always have in mind what i want the
finished paintings to be, i don't mind going
off on tangents, as long as it comes together
in the end..
are there any true accidents in painting?

"Pollock denied "the accident"; he usually had
an idea of how he wanted a particular piece to appear."

i think there are many accidents in the application
of paint, or more surprises, whether you 'go' with
it as a natural progression of an original idea,
let it evolve as an organic structure, or be more
decisive and stick to your original vision..

and these are the things that stop me sleeping at night?

these are poor quality photographs;

(detail one)

(detail two)
~ click on pic to view larger image ~

very hard to photograph, due to the reflective
properties of the copper..

when i have finished threading the painting
i will attempt some better photographs.

1 comment:

  1. i'm laying in bed today, and a visual of this painting came, I ve been troubled by the blue the cobalt blue in the paintings ive seen, then finally my head shut up my eyes disappeared and then I experienced the painting. I flowed in it. and I have to tell you I have no need to understand the blue anymore, I feel it all. I do hope i can come to one of your shows one day to reaally sit and experience this. Finally Steven this was a wonder of a time. I was thinking how hard it would be to paint just colors and not fit them into a figure, because it do reinvent mixture along the platform of my images as well and if you were to take a spot it could be on its own.( like youve said and I ve said this since I was younger as well) I was thinking in contrast to your experiences and blogs on you technique. now I just want to swim on one of your paintings, wouldn't that be nice. Seriously imagine that through the layers and color shifts and then the bold. and texture. Yea. xx