Tuesday, 5 June 2007

war & paint

from 5am this morning i have been painting,
painting over, changing, adding, painting over
some more, standing, looking..
laying down copper leaf, trying not to breath
(if you have ever used this stuff you will know
that Beelzebub himself is made of copper leaf)
inevitably breathing and then watching as the studio
becomes a giant glitter lava lamp and rains copper
leaf whilst i just sit wondering why the hell am i
not drunk yet???

I am set on the idea that there is an answer "a
solid fried gold" solution to my painting, when
will i figure it out? it always seems to elude me at
the very last moments, i am again left with a painting
that is close, but no cigar..

until then, i will have to go back 'there'
.. and we all know where there is don't we....

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